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Let's find out if it makes sense to work togehter (in the future) 🚀:
  • if youre team is working remotly and you want better results;
  • if you want to make use off all the potential and tallent in the team
  • if you also belief that Strengths will make all the difference to performance (management development)
  • if you want to be more effictive and efficient as an manger
  • If you have (trust) issues in the team


When working with me, you will learn

How to use all the talent in the team
To unlearn to micromanage
How to manage effective and efficient
How to give proper feedback, that don’t bite you in the arss
Ho to steer without sitting behind the steeringwheel of you teammembers
How to coach; individualy and on teamlevel (all the members at once)
How to make better decisions every time

When working with me, you will be able to

Show your superiors that you can lead a high-performance team – who are working remotely



There are a lot of training and coaching methods, who are claiming that they coach and work with talent. Evidently, most of them are based on old psychology and not on the positive side; positive psychology (1998)! My approach difference because it’s far more focused on how you specifically can use your talents better, instead of fixing your weakness. The other point I want to address is that in the basics, a lot of coaching and consulting is focussed on how to understand you better (and give advice) rather than guide the (collective) thinking process. I am a pure facilitator. If you are working with me you not only know the success factors, you will really understand the principles and basics behind it and why it will work every time! 


Most importantly, engagement is an inside job,
not an outside learning.


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