Set the ground for a highly engaged (remote) team 💪

Let's find out if it makes sense to work together (in the future) 🚀:
  • if your team is working remotely and you want better results;
  • if you want to make use off all the potential and talent in the team
  • if you also believe that Strengths will make all the difference to performance (management development)
  • if you want to be more effective and efficient as a manager
  • If you have (trust) issues in the team



It's start with talent - we finish with strength


better decisions faster


more meaningfull conversations


Integrate and make it an strong habbit

When working with me, you will learn
  • How to use all the talent in the team
  • To unlearn to micromanage
  • How to manage effective and efficient
  • How to give proper feedback, that doesn’t bite you in the ass
  • Ho to steer without sitting behind the steering wheel of your team members
  • How to coach on individual and on team-level (all the members at once)
  • How to make better decisions every time
When working with me, you will be able to

Show your superiors that you can lead a high-performance team – who are working remotely. Take the first step and boost the engament of your team in just 2,5 💪 . Whanna know more, klik here


Evidently, most off training and coaching are based on the core of old psychology and not on the positive side; positive psychology (1998)! My approach difference because it’s focused on how you specifically can use your talents more productive. The second point I want to address is that a lot of coaching is actually consulting. It’s focussed on how to give good advice rather than guide the (collective) thinking process. I am a pure facilitator. If you are working with me you will really understand the principles and basics behind the success and why it will work every time! And most importantly you will be able to apply and take action in your specific context-aware situation.

About me: why am I qualified?

I am Reindert Westrik and I really like to activate on strengths, to solve wicked problems together. So that I can add value by being on my best. I am one of the first and youngest Gallup certified coach in the Netherlands. 

My purpose is to support remote teams discover, name and claim their strengths. Everyone has a unique set of talents that can be productively activated to achieve their goals. 


Speed dating about your strengths was a lot of fun. The enthusiasm skyrocket 🚀!

Most importantly, engagement is an inside job, 

not an outside learning.

The changing demands of the future of work*:

My paycheck
My satisfaction
My boss
My annual Review
My weakness
My job

My purpose / my role
My development
My coach
My ongoing conversations
My strengths
My life


We can tell you if your are future proof as an team manager in just 15 questions.
Do you maximize all the potential of your team members, so that everybody adds value by being on their best, and drive your organisation’s growth. Take the test and find out if you’re an FUTUREPROOF MANAGER!


schedule a call with me ..

you can schedule a call with me for 15 minutes so we can discover if it makes sence to workt to gether (in the future)

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Strengts to Connect

Hanzeplein 11-27, 8017 JD Zwolle.


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