HI! I am Reindert Westrik and ..

I am 35 years old, entrepreneur, born and raised in Zwolle. I am at my best when I can give groups and individuals the confidence that they have talents that are unique and how they will become successful and happy if they know how to use them optimally.

My top five Clifton strengths are: Activator, Strategic, Restorative, Learner and Focus.

making my case for grand scale teaming

My purpose!

There are more and bigger social problems and I believe that we can only solve them if we start working together on a grand scale, if we make optimal use of each other’s strengths.

Major social problems can often no longer be solved by one organization. It is therefore important that we team up to solve complex problems across industries and organization. 

According to Amy Edmondson teaming is the answer and she shares this concept in the video entitled, “How to Turn a Group of Strangers into a Team.” (TED video)

We can’t do it alone! We need each other. In fact, we need each other’s strengths 💪! 

Why am i quialified

I am one of the first and youngest certified Gallup coaches in the Netherlands. I have a experience in the field of Design Thinking and Lean Startup processes. As a process supervisor, I supervise innovation prints (Hackathons) and in 2018  I was the Lead-organizer of Startup Weekend Zwolle.The combination of talents, team processes and startup thinking is my “unfair advantage”.

Fun facts bout Reindert
drives an motorcycle
rides a longboard
drinks to much coffee
did read or listen to more than 150 books ‘about motivation’ in the past three years.
Trys to meditate every morning, longest strike 50 days.

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